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International Agency for Outstanding Healers (IAOH)

The Background

Since the "Esoteric Wave" has broken over the West, the number of so-called "spiritual" or "mental" healers has multiplied. Sadly, this process has come with a gradual decay of quality. The majority are inexperienced, moderately talented, themselves overestimating wannabes who offer esoteric nebula, doubtful diplomas and titles ("Master", "licensed", "certified", "recognized", "examined") instead of therapeutic ability. Such people bring discredit upon their way of treatment, impair the reputation of the few real masters, disappoint and endanger innumerable patients who are unsuspiciously seeking their help.

The Main Goal

The IAOH cooperates with outstanding healers from all over the world. Its main activities will be in Europe, especially in German-speaking countries. To be recommended by the IAOH should be a special honour for healers – and a seal of approval for patients seeking help.

With what kind of healers will the IAOH cooperate?

The IAOH will recommend mental healers who deserve to be called "outstanding":

  • They are able to show a professional experience of at least five years.
  • They are recommended by scientists, physicians and other experts who have made themselves a personal impression of their alleged abilities.
  • strive for a careful documentation of the course and consequences of their treatments;
  • are especially successful in treating patients with severe chronic illnesses. (Such cases will be checked by a team of experts within the IAOH.)
  • are recommended by a large number of patients who support their appreciation by medical documents and/or by filling in a special IAOH Assessment Form.)

Beyond that the IAOH prefers to cooperate with healers who

  • have successfully participated in scientific tests;
  • (have) cooperate(d) with doctors, psychotherapists and other healing professionals;
  • have passed a medical training;
  • offer therapies over and above mental healing;

The IAOH evaluates the quality of healers by means of a quantitative system which allows to determine and compare "IAOH Scores" according to nine main criteria. This procedure is to objectify the selection, to make it independent of the subjective impressions and appreciations of IAOH officials.

In order to be included in the IAOH Network a healer has to accept a code of conduct

Its main statements are:

  • I do not promise anything – no relief or even complete cure.
  • I am not working in competition with medical treatments but complementary. In particular I abstain from anything that might tempt a client to delay or omit a medical consultation or treatment, to interrupt or stop it. I do not recommend any drugs and give no advice to stop taking a drug or take it in departure from medical prescription.
  • I am not giving any diagnosis.
  • I do not enter sexual relationships with my clients.
  • I will never put pressure on clients – neither by promises nor by threats – to begin or continue a treatment by me.
  • I am not using misleading titles.
  • As far as I take a fee for my healing activities I make clear, unequivocable agreements with my clients as to service and return before the treatment starts.



Charity AUSWEGE (Ways Out) / Office
Katrin Lindenmayr
Kapellenweg 7
69257 Wiesenbach

Tel. +49 - 62 23 – 48 60 728
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Please turn to our Office only if you are looking for help for an ill child.

Managing Board

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Adult patients are helped by the "International Agency for Outstanding Healers" (IAOH) with which our charity is cooperating.

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Who will be helped by IAOH?

The IAOH recommends selected healers

  • to patients who are thought to be "therapy-resistant", at least by conventional medicine; who don´t want to get mixed up with everyone who calls himself "healer"; who spare no expense and pains to eventually travel far away in search of a real master.
  • to researchers who offer chances for healers to furnish evidence for their abilities within scientific studies;
  • to doctors, hospitals and other medical institutions who want to cooperate with qualified healers;
  • to organizers of congresses, symposiums and seminars who offer a serious opportunity for outstanding healers to demonstrate their methods and to pass on their experiences;
  • to press, radio and tv journalists who try to deal with the theme "Mental Healing" in a careful, informed and balanced manner.

Further goals: The IAOH

  • documents treatments within the practices of healers;
  • medically evaluates their therapeutic successes;
  • collects and analyzes reports of patients;
  • works together with persons, institutes and organizations who try to improve the quality of healers; who medically test their abilities; who develop and apply scientific methods for testing mental healers;
  • shows therapeutic chances between orthodox medicine and mental healing: within the broad range of complementary therapies. This function is taken over by a team of experts – doctors of various fields of specialization, experienced non-medical practicioners ("Heilpraktiker"), psychologists and psychotherapists – who will offer advice by phone. In addition the IAOH cooperates with information centers, initiatives and medical societies which share these goals.

With your donation ...

you help us to help!

Our donation account:
Foundation for WAYS OUT
Account No. 87 40 200
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft, BLZ 660 205 00

For making transfers from abroad exempt from bank fees:
IBAN: DE 09 6602 0500 0008 7402 00

We would be happy to issue a donation receipt, which is fully tax deductible (in Germany).

The Foundation for WAYS OUT has been recognized by supervisory authorities to be "exclusively and directly charitable and benevolent". It is a member of the Federal Association of German Foundations, e.V., in Berlin.

Healer within the IAOH

The IAOH is not a society but a private initiative. There is no formal "membership". Healers don´t have a right to be included, nor to remain within the Network. To be part of the IAOH is for a healer free of charge. (There is no admission fee, no agent´s commission, no annual subscription.) The IAOH presents its healers in a documentation which will be actualized regularly. The IAOH affiliation of healers is limited to 1 year; it automatically renews if the Code of Conduct has been followed and further requirements are fulfilled further on. Included healers are free to use the title "Recommended by IAOH". This privilege ends with their withdrawal or exclusion.

How do patients make use of the IAOH service?

In addition to an information by phone or letter they receive

  • an offer for advice by the IAOH experts, together with a list of their phone numbers and consultation hours;
  • a book which presents all IAOH healers with a detailed text, a portraiture, his/her first name and place of residence;
  • after the patient has made a selection: addresses of up to five healers.
    (This procedure is to avoid that the IAOH database is copied and published elsewhere without permission.)
  • a list of information, hints and warnings for people who are in search of "miracle healers";
  • a questionnaire by which the IAOH investigates enconters of patients with mental healing.

The IAOH commissions will be granted to the charity foundation WAYS OUT which tries to help "therapy-resistant" children.